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This choir is about community. Not only do we want to bring communities together through choral arts, but we also want to develop a healthy community within the choir itself.

Here are a few guidelines and responsibilities that we expect from our members to ensure the continued well-being and success of the Market Street Singers.


Possibly the most important contribution you can give to the choir is your reliable and timely participation. In order to learn and grow as a group, each member must be committed to the two-hour-per-week rehearsal.

Participation in the quarterly concerts is also expected.

If for some reason you anticipate missing a rehearsal, we ask that you give the courtesy of advance notice.


The Market Street Singers is a nonprofit organization that encourages its members to contribute to the costs of music, recital space, director, accompanist and other administrative expenses.

A suggested contribution of $20 or more per member per month is asked in order to cover these costs. However, if this is not always possible, we suggest and encourage any volunteer time you can give.

We also ask for a $10 music fee at the beginning of each season to help cover the cost of purchasing or printing new music for that season's program.


At performances and most concerts, we dress in the Market Street Singers T-shirt (available at $12) with dark pants and shoes, and a black binder for music.

There may be times when we dress up for more formal events, in which case you will be asked to wear a nice white shirt under a vest that we provide, but the only article you will need to acquire is the T-shirt.


All music is the property of the Market Street Singers.

Each season, we will issue a set of music to each member to keep for his or her use during that season. Marks made in pencil are encouraged and do not need to be erased. If we ever redo a piece, your same copy will be returned to you with all your own notations.

We only ask that you keep these copies safe while in your possession, and return them on time when requested.

Things NOT To Do or Bring

For every rehearsal and concert, we ask that you turn off your cell phone! (or switch it to just vibrate if you are on some emergency contact.)

We also ask, for allergy sensitivity reasons, that you do not wear any scent other than "clean" to rehearsals or concerts. In other words, no perfumes, scented lotions, etc., but please do take care of body odor, bad breath, and other potentially bothersome smells.

Rule of thumb: Be considerate of your fellow choir members, and do not bring any auditory or olfactory distractions.

Although we are a choir which currently does not require an audition, we do strive to better our understanding of music and song through continual practice and dedication.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about music, help strengthen community bonds, and share in our musical family will find a happy place among the Market Street Singers.